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                                                This is the website of the composer, jazz pianist, songwriter, keyboardist, arranger, 

                                                independent music producer and poet-philosopher Gregory Golub



Happy Birthday Maestro Erroll Garner!

Gregory Golub about Errol garner

"You can never confuse him with anyone. You don't need to compare him with anyone. Because he is Erroll Garner!" 

Jazz Song of the Day on All About Jazz

Waltz - Rag by Gregory Golub

Today my composition "Waltz - Rag"( by Gregory Golub) is announced as Song of the Day on All About Jazz. Listen to "Waltz - Rag" and please give it a like.

If you want to support "Waltz - Rag" - advise your friends to do the same. I wish you all a Jazz and just a Good Mood!

I am pleased to announce, that my composition Waltz - Rag entered first place on All About Jazz Top 10 Songs: May 2024

All About Jazz Top 10 Songs: May 2024


                                      REVIEW   BY JAZZ  JOURNALIST SCOTT YANOW ON All ABOUT JAZZ                                                                                                          



On the other hand, the well-known jazz critic James Collier writes that, due to Mingus's bright personality, one cannot unequivocally attributed to any of the jazz styles known to us. Mingus stated that he would very much like to get the listener, in the concert hall, to have very specific musical sensations, which is a very controversial, but at the same time very interesting idea. During his long career, Charles Mingus had the opportunity to collaborate with the best musicians of his time, such as Lionel Hampton and Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and Eric Dolphy, Miles Davis, Bud Powell and many, many others. Mingus left behind a large number of records and musical works that were performed by various musical groups in honor of his name (Mingus Big Band, Mingus Dynasty, and Mingus Orchestra) and are still being performed. The most complete archive of Charles Mingus is kept at the Library of Congress. His music is listened to and studied, documentaries are written and filmed about Mingus. They continue to argue about him, and this is probably the main thing. We will remember you Maestro Charlies Mingus!
Jazz guitarist, composer and arranger Jim Hall (December 4, 1930 – December 10, 2013), makes me feel something unearthly. Jim Hall and graceful, lyrical charm of the sound of his guitar. The music seems to float and the jazz soul of the musician soars high to the clouds... Happy Birthday, Amazing Romantic Jim Hall! P.S. Impressed by his performance of the beautiful Brazilian melody Beija Flor, I included it in my concert program, and most recently recorded it in my own piano interpretation. Thanks a lot Jim!

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