Gregory Golub is Israeli composer, jazz pianist and songwriter, born in the USSR. 

Gregory is a self-taught pianist from the age of 12. He received a formal musical education in Russia and Ukraine, participated in a Jazz Festival in Russia and received an excellence prize for the best original jazz compositions. 

 Gregory lives in Israel since 1990, where he has written and composed numerous multi-genre musical compositions, songs and philosophic and poetic texts. 

In 2004 his album “Idioms” was released comprising original instrumental jazz compositions, including piano and vocal jazz improvisations. 

Over the years, Gregory has assembled and performed 6 solo programs based on his original instrumental and jazz compositions, songs and poems, as well as appearing on various TV and radio programs. 

The "Jazz Aftertaste" album released in 2019 includes 12 original jazz compositions in various genres, from blues and boogies to electronic music and Latin music, composed and recorded over the years by the Israeli composer, jazz pianist and keyboard player Gregory Golub. The main theme uniting all that is represented in this album is the author’s long-standing and unchanging love of jazz, the charm of improvisation and devotion to creativity. 

1.10.21 performed in Tel Aviv with the premiere of a new solo program "From Jazz to Classics and Back" 

On May 20, 2023, Gregory Golub presented his new solo program “Jazz Aftertaste”.

In recent years, Gregory Golub has published hundreds of posts on Facebook about jazz musicians (In "The Jazz World" and other groups), which have aroused considerable interest primarily among American jazz fans, professional jazz musicians and journalists.



Gregory Golub in "Evening Bird"RTV International 2004.11.03.